Do not miss the visit to the Etruscan Well or Sorbello

Just 5 minutes from Casa Diomede, in Piazza Piccinino, you can visit the Etruscan Well in the basement of Palazzo Sorbello, one of the most important examples of Etruscan hydraulic engineering and architecture.

It is considered one of the most particular and stunning symbols of Perugia, city of the Etruscan Dodecapolis. and testimony of a great civilization and its strong dominant influence until today.

The well is open to the public every day and its visit will certainly be a unique experience.

Casa Diomede

Casa Diomede

Casa Diomede is perfect for hosting families, couples or travel companions in a welcoming, panoramic and quiet environment, however immersed in the most “bohemian” neighborhood of the historic center.

Casa dei Gigli

Casa dei gigli

Casa dei Gigli is located in the historic center of Perugia, in the historic palace of the Duca della Corgna from the 1500s, in the liveliest area of the city frequented all year round for its bars and excellent restaurants.